Why is the Congress in Digvijay Singh's 'Diggy Raja' started

Why is the Congress in Digvijay Singh’s ‘Diggy Raja’ started?

In the campaign for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, posters, billboards and election rallies-road shows are all faces of Congress veterans. Kamal Nath and Scindia pair are engaged in campaigning with Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Scindia-Kamal Nath along with Rahul and other Congress leaders in the state are also seen in large hoarding-posters. But a face is missing. The name that was once called Chanakya of Congress and then Rahul Gandhi’s political guru.

Digvijay Singh is not seen with veterans in Congress campaign campaign in Madhya Pradesh. Actually, the reason for this absence is not Digvijay Singh himself. Digvijay Singh says that he does not go to rallies because his speech cuts the Congress votes due to his speech.

So, the question arises, is that Digvijay Singh ‘vote cast’? Why is the ban on Digvijay Singh speaking? What will be the Digvijay Singh saying that will damage the Congress? If this is what Digvijay Singh has said, will the loss of Congress be reduced? If this is the case then what is the Congress stand for Shashi Tharoor and Mani Shankar Aiyar?

The question also arises that the Congress has become so cautious about power consolidation that she is not even begging to cut Digvijay Singh.

Rahul Gandhi worshiping in a temple in Madhya Pradesh
After all, what is the fault in Digvijay Singh’s planets and constellations that all his work is reversing. In Madhya Pradesh, if the BSP does not have alliance with the Congress, then Mayawati tries to pin her on Digvijay Singh. If there is no Congress government in Goa then Digvijay Singh is considered to be responsible.

In Madhya Pradesh, if the Congress is facing the exile of power for fifteen years, is it because of the ten years of Digvijay Singh’s tenure? It is said that the memory of the masses is very weak. But what is it that even after fifteen years, the people of Madhya Pradesh could not forget the 10-year rule of Digvijay Singh? After all, why Digvijay Singh’s memorandum is remembered in the MP and his report-card is affected?

Why is the Congress in Digvijay Singh’s ‘Diggy Raja’ started

On one hand, Diggi-Raja was preparing to return to power in Madhya Pradesh by traveling to Narmada, and on the other hand, the return to his Congress is becoming difficult that Diggy Raja’s public outrage is exposed publicly.

In the politics, the cycle of time revolves around speed. Until yesterday, Digvijay Singh had a great deal of importance in the Congress due to his relationship with the Gandhi family, but even after becoming the President of Rahul, Digvijay Singh did not get a place in the Congress Working Committee.

The charge of Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was withdrawn gradually by the hands of Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay charges serious allegations against Singh for not making a government in Goa. It was so upbeat that due to the delay of the Diggy King, despite getting more seats in the Goa assembly elections, the Congress could not form the government, and BJP took advantage. Only after the Goa episode, the charge was taken from Digvijay Singh. Similarly, in the case of Telangana, Digvijay Singh was considered guilty only for poor performance of the Congress.

The latest case is about the breakdown of the BSP-Congress alliance in Madhya Pradesh. BSP supremo Mayawati blamed Digvijay Singh for not being a coalition and told him to the RSS agent.

However, whatever the cause, but this is happening for the first time that Digvijay Singh is being made to shore in his own party in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. Despite this, Diggi Raja is asking for his enthusiasm among his workers, irrespective of whoever receives the ticket, the enemy will also meet but the Congress wins. But Digby’s pain is also showing in these words that his opinion or consent is not being accepted even in the election ticket distribution.

Why is the Congress in Digvijay Singh’s ‘Diggy Raja’ started

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