Why are Bhagat Singh telling himself why he is asking for a divorce, Tej Pratap

Why are Bhagat Singh telling himself why he is asking for a divorce, Tej Pratap?

After meeting his father Lalu Yadav on Saturday, Tej Pratap Yadav told the media, “They will die, but they will not agree to the issue of divorce on the issue of divorce.” Tej Pratap Yadav wrote in bold words on his Facebook, “If Ishq and Kranti are the same, then it is better to become a Ranjha that I should become Bhagat Singh.” This statement written on Facebook and the statement made about the father can be easily understood by Pratap Yadav’s intent on divorce. Lalu Yadav is able to stand between the great red flames and the revolution. The strong pratap that Krishna felt in himself, has been saying that Aishwarya can not be her Radha. By the way, according to legendary evidence, Krishna never married Radha. The relative of the record of the girl says, ‘The person dedicated to Ishq, Kranti, Radha, Vrindavan, Tantra-mantra, yoga-chant should not get married. The boy who happily married a family girl 5 months 18 days ago, took the oath of living together, she is now ready to divorce. Mercantile Benz and BMW are accusing incredible accusations that pressure was made by getting married. Aishwarya is the daughter of the High Society.

Why are Bhagat Singh telling himself why he is asking for a divorce, Tej Pratap?

He is a small village of the village. There is absolutely unmachined pair.

A woman who had a close relationship with Aishwarya’s family said, “For the past four months, Aishwarya was living near her Parents. On crying, she cried to me that her husband does not love her. Keeps yourself busy in things That’s why he came to live with his parents’. Although we are not confirming this fact. Nonetheless, no official statement of Aishwarya has come out yet. So far family members are in deep shock. Aishwarya Rai’s father and RJD legislator, Chandrika Rai, left his daughter with Rabri Devi on the same day, on the day she got the information of divorce she received through the media. Father with heart and mind hopes that everything will be fine. The good thing for the important and the girl side of the divorce episode is that the whole family of Lalu Yadav stood with the victim Aishwarya. Even in the hearing, it is coming that the leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly, Tejshi Yadav has said in clear words: ‘Aishwarya Bhabhi is the daughter-in-law of the Lalu-Rabri family and will always be there’. After getting information about the stand of his family members, Krishnavatar has started to say, ‘The time has changed. Those who are themselves, they are turning their backs and giving their support to the other side. But the sun will start growing from the west yet I am not going to overturn my decision. I am a human being of religious nature. To prove his divorce verdict right, Prasad Yadav has started accusing him, “Aishwarya was pressuring me to stay away from my mother, brother and family, Confirmation of Randu’s ticket from Saran for Father Chandrika Rai’s 2019 Lok Sabha election. While responsible members of both families rejected their allegation. On the ongoing discussion in the village-village and city-city of the state on the divorced dispute in Bihar’s strongest political family, people are saying that ‘this Krishna must have Radha definitely. That is why she is making so much rivalry to break a sacred marriage ‘.

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Why are Bhagat Singh telling himself why he is asking for a divorce, Tej Pratap?

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