What is unconditional love, dogs can tell the best

What is unconditional love, dogs can tell the best

Ankal, who had come out of the house in the morning with a medicin shop, called in his house with a gesture. They went towards the little room behind and asked to keep a finger on their mouth and keep silent. Little children of 70 Plus Uncle were surprised to see such a reaction. As soon as we remove the curtain of the room, he made the heart happy.

8-puppies born 2 days ago, mutter-strung, frowned, sleeves, and legs, frantically rearranging each other Photographed from the sky. Sent to friend The friend wrote from Chelmsford, Priitu, You Made My Day. To see such a lovely puppies in the UK, you have to go to a breeding center. You are lucky, when you can see it, play with you.

What is unconditional love, dogs can tell the best

“Why lucky?” There are strict laws and regulations to keep pets. They have to be insured by spending a lot of money.

Well, here we are going to kill and kill such poppies. So the idiocy is so much that the child with the tinkling is from Mini. Actually, in the last winter there were mini children of 9. There was no escape from the trains passing through the lane. The result was that the mini bawl became c. Female dogs will meet in many areas like Mini. Anger also comes in anger. But Sharma’s aunt is there to caress the mini. That is why he kept his children in the house by this time. When the boat is fit, then put a blanket bed on the outside of the house. On this bed, the other kind of people in the neighborhood can also leave their food and leave. But two neighbors waged a war. ‘You have kept them in your head. These dogs cut off our children … ‘

Those who hate are not lacking in kurtas. But regardless of whether the mini or anybody else, whoever saw the dogs grow up at the hands of the Mohallawalas, they have never bitten anyone, they have not seen it yet – heard.

However, the combination of Sharma Aunt from Mini is not unnecessarily too. He tells that he had stripped the mini wound on the mother’s wound. That’s why they twirled behind them. Then she went to Australia with her children. When he came back, the sick was ill. Lying in one corner of the street. One night at 2 am, the door of the pursuit opened the bark-bark. On leaving the aunt, he left the life at the door. According to Auntie, she had come for the last visit.

Uncle, a Sardar of the second lane, has kept such dogs in his arms. Returning home from the office at 12 o’clock, he is always seen by giving food to the dogs. The 7-8 dogs in front of me have been breakfast, grown up and groomed, their innocence has not been hidden. They come near and celebrate, Sir seeks Sahlawan. Come home in any mood, there is no shortage in their caution. If my routine of feeding them biscuits ever worsens, they openly express their resentment in their language. You will see with the expression ‘Go, do not talk’, then you will also agree. What is unconditional love, dogs can tell the best.

There have been reports that 12 PPPs have been killed by ruthlessness in the posh area of ​​Dwarka in Delhi. The postmortem report says that it is worth the loss of bleeding and heart beat. Some were poisoned, some were stabbed with sharp weapons, some got bogged down with sharp things.

To make a collective endeavor for effective measures such as sterilization and vacanation, we are not as brave as humans, but it is as brave as it is to take care of the soft populace like cotton husk.

What is unconditional love, dogs can tell the best

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