What did PM Modi say before going to the surgical strike

Ram Modi’s big statement came out on the issue of Ordinance on Ram temple. In an interview given to ANI, he said that the ordinance can only be considered after the legal process is completed in the Ram Temple case.

The PM said, “This case is a bit slow in the Supreme Court because Congress attorneys are creating disturbance. In the BJP manifesto, it has been said that the solution to this issue can be resolved only through the purview of the Constitution.

PM said that let the court process be over. When it is over, after that, whatever responsibility we have as a government, we will make all efforts in that direction. The PM also said that the next Lok Sabha election will be a public vs. alliance. Modi is only the name of the people’s love and blessings.

The PM said that for 70 years, people living in power tried to create many disruptions in the way of solving Ayodhya. Therefore, I request the Congress that they should stop their lawyers from disturbing the Ayodhya dispute, keeping in mind the peace of the country. This issue should not be weighed in political scales. Let the legal process decide its way.

On the first day of the New Year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke openly about his interview on many issues. It includes ordinance on Ram Temple, surgical strike and the recent resignation of RBI governor Urjit Patel.

After the resignation of Urjit Patel, it was reported that Patel had quit the post due to the dispute with the Center about the RBI’s Sarpulus Fund. On this, Modi said, Urjit Patel had resigned because of his personal reasons. ‘Mission is successful or unsuccessful, you should come back before sunrise’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sent this message to the soldiers going to the surgical strike on the night of 28 December 2016 and sent them out. After this, the soldiers of the Special Forces of the Indian Army crossed the LoC and entered the border of Pakistan. And returning to the next morning’s initiative by dismissing the terrorists in their POK, including their bases.

Prime Minister Modi made this disclosure in an interview given to News Agency ANI. He told that he was very worried about the security of soldiers. And the date of the surgical strike was changed twice. In response to the attack on Army camp in Uri, Indian Army did this operation. 20 Indians were martyred in the Uri attack.

PM Modi said that due to the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in the Uri attack, he was very angry at them and the Indian Army. The result of this came out as a surgical strike.

With this, Prime Minister Modi said that he was more worried about the safety of the soldiers who were going beyond the surgical strike. He said, I had given them a clear message that you are successful or failed, do not think about this and come back before sunrise.

I had an instant update

He disclosed that due to the safety of the Special Forces soldiers, he was given a clear direction that even if he failed, he would also return before sunrise. Prime Minister Modi also said that he was keeping an eye on this dangerous mission all night. And they were getting momentary information about this operation.

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