UP Chairman of Council of Chhattisgarh's son stabbed to death, mother arrested

UP: Chairman of Council of Chhattisgarh’s son stabbed to death, mother arrested

His mother has been arrested in connection with the death of Abhijit Yadav, younger son of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council Chairman Ramesh Yadav. According to information received from the sources, post-mortem reports have shown that Abhijit’s death was due to strangulation. At the same time there were many marks of injury on his head. Initially, family members were claiming that their natural death due to chest pain and they were constantly misleading the police. According to the information received, after death, in the presence of SSP, the family had taken dead bodies for funeral in the funeral, but after the intervention of the senior police officials, the funeral was stopped. After this the postmortem of the post mortem was done, whose report revealed the murder.

Abhijit Yadav’s body found from Darul Safa

SP East Sarvesh Mishra said that the body of Abhijit Yadav was found in Darul Safa of Hasrganj area of ​​Lucknow. The kin were initially telling it to be normal death but when the police suspected the incident, the post mortem was carried out and the report came out in the report. The police said that in this case, Abhijit’s mother, Meera Yadav was arrested. Gaya and they were questioned Meanwhile, Mother Meera Yadav admitted that her son had drank a lot and she was behaving badly with him.

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Abhishek Yadav’s elder brother Abhishek Yadav lodged FIR

On the other hand, an FIR has also been lodged on behalf of Abhijit’s elder brother Abhishek Yadav. Police arrested Ramesh Yadav’s wife Meera Yadav on charges of murder after the elder son’s complaint. The Hazratganj police had questioned about 9 hours from Meera Yadav. The police said that Ramesh Yadav’s wife has accused her husband of being involved in the murder. Police is investigating the case closely.

UP: Chairman of Council of Chhattisgarh’s son stabbed to death, mother arrested

Abhijit’s chest was very painful during sleep at night

Let us know that Abhijit Yadav died in suspicious circumstances on Sunday. The body of Abhijeet was found in room number 137 located in D Block of Darul Shafa. There was also a mother and big brother in the room. At the same time, the relatives claimed that Abhijit’s chest had very severe pain while sleeping at night. After that he slept and in the morning he was found dead on the bed. However, the police have told all the circumstances of death as suspicious.

Chairman Ramesh Yadav has made two marriages

According to information received from the police, the Chairman of the Legislative Council Ramesh Yadav has made two marriages. First wife is Prema Devi, who lives in Eta district. His son Ashish Yadav has also been an MLA from Eta Sadar in the past. The second wife is Meera Yadav who lives with her two sons Abhishek Yadav alias Lakki and younger son Abhijit Yadav alias Vicky, in Room No. 137, of B. Block, Darul Shafa.

Mother cheered Abhijit by massaging his chest

Abhijit was lying dead on his bed on Sunday morning. The family said that Vivek came home on Saturday night at around 11 pm. Then she gave information to her mother about chest pain. The mother had massaged her chest and knocked her down. When she did not take too long in the morning, the mother tried to raise her. The brother was called to see no action in the body. As soon as the brother touches the conscience, he realizes that he has died. Later, the people around the same informed the police about the incident.

UP: Chairman of Council of Chhattisgarh’s son stabbed to death, mother arrested

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