Trash considers cleanliness of Saudi Arabia on Khashogi's death

Trash considers cleanliness of Saudi Arabia on Khashogi’s death

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he relies on Saudi Arabian explanation of the death of journalist Jamal Khashogi, and he described the arrest of 18 people by the Gulf country as a ‘commendable first step’. On Saturday, without giving any information about the body of 60-year-old Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia said that he died after a dispute in Istanbul Consulate. Attorney General Sheikh Saad al-Mojab said in a statement, “In the initial investigation, it was revealed that a discussion between the people and those who met him were discussed at the Saudi Arab Consulate in Istanbul, the first controversy and later in the battle, after which Jamal Khoshogi Died. May God give peace to his soul.

Trash considers cleanliness of Saudi Arabia on Khashogi’s death

The government said that 18 Saudi nationals were arrested for further investigation while Saudi intelligence deputy director Al-Assyri was removed from the post. Asked about his faith in cleaning Saudi, Trump said, ‘I am sure.’ They said, it is too early to ask again. We have not finished our review, our investigation. But in my opinion this is a commendable first step. Trump said that talks with Saudi officials will continue, including raising questions on the details of events behind Khashogi’s death. White House Press Secretary Sara Sanders said, “We are sad to hear about the death of Khashogi and we express deep sympathy for his family, fiancĂ© and friends. Investigation has been started in connection with the murder.

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The statement of Saudi Arab, confirming Khashogi’s death, is not believing some US lawmakers who are demanding the country to be responsible for this incident. House of Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Elliott Angel asked for full details of the incident. At the same time, Jim Costa, MP, said he was stunned with the news of the involvement of Saudi officials in the murder of Khashogi.

Trash considers cleanliness of Saudi Arabia on Khashogi’s death

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