Three 'artificial moon' will hang in the sky, China will illuminate roads

Three ‘artificial moon’ will hang in the sky, China will illuminate roads

When you think that many advanced technologies have come in the world, which could not be thought of until a few years ago, then China comes forward to some ideas which can make you laughable. It is a news that China is now going to have three mockers in its sky. For that too, for lighting the streets. China is in the process of reaching a large height in space. China wants to launch this project by 2020. This project is already developing Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics Systems Research Institute Corporation. According to a report, China will launch three artificial moons in space by 2022. The artificial moon will be made of glass made satellites, with which the Sun’s rays reach the earth. According to the report of Business Insider, these artificial moons will be eight times more shiny than the real moon. It will be so bright that China will not need to put streetlights on roads and streets. These moons will keep the roads bright. An official said that the lights of these artificial moons would be enough to replace the street lights. Artificial satellites will be launched in 2022. After this, the three satellites will be divided into 360 degree orbit so that each area can be kept bright for 24 hours.

The areas ranging from 8 to 10 kilometers of these moons will be illuminated with light-like illumination in late evening.

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The official said, “The ray of sunlight can cover the area from 3600 square kilometers to 6400 square kilometers and its illumination is likely to be 8 times more than the light of the moon.”

Three ‘artificial moon’ will hang in the sky, China will illuminate roads

Since this project also has the potential to affect the environment very well. When asked about this, the artificial moon will obstruct the normal day and night cycle of animals and trees, the officer said that the intensity and timing of the light will be adjusted and the light can be controlled with the accuracy of the meter. . When the artificial moon is going round, people will see only a shining star in the sky. Let us know that the US and Russia had discovered man-made moons so that they could facilitate the night time. In 1990, Russia had left a satellite for it, but this experiment was not successful.

Three ‘artificial moon’ will hang in the sky, China will illuminate roads

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