Telangana: Why are the political equations changing in the state?

Some time ago, the Chief Minister of Telangana and the founder of TRS Chandrasekhar Rao dissolved the assembly prematurely and decided to go to the polls. On the day the KCR dissolved the Assembly, he told the media that the entire party and all their MLAs are with this decision. He said that no one has opposed this decision. There are only six weeks remaining in the election results and political equations in the state are changing rapidly. Elections in the state have now changed into a tropical battle between TRS and others. After all, what happened in the last few days that the entire equation of the state changed? Among the political pundits there are several theories about this. In the wave of Telangana state in 2014, KCR came to power with 63 seats and only 38% vote share. At that time, half a dozen parties were in the electoral fray, due to which anti-TRS votes got scattered. In 2014, Congress got 25% votes. TDP gets third position with 15% vote. Combining the vote share of both parties, it is 40 percent which is more than TRS’s Voteshare.

So Congress has not made Rahul Gandhi PM candidate

Telangana: Why are the political equations changing in the state?

In the last four years, KCR completely eliminated small opposition parties such as TDP, YSRCP, which benefited the Congress and got strengthened in the state. In order to defeat TRS, TDP and Congress have allied themselves, which has raised the difficulties of KCR.

Congress, TDP, Left and Telangana action committee may be over heavy on KCR

According to experienced political analyst and journalist Dilip Reddy, if the Congress, TDP, Left and Telangana action committee are fighting well then they can defeat KCR. Reddy said that the collected cons can easily cross the majority figure.

The problem is not so much for KCR. Many of his old companions, who have supported him in the state movement, are angry with him, who feel that after coming to power KCR worked against the feelings of the people.

Although it is not that KCR is the most oblivious. A close relative of KCR said that the KCR is giving extra emphasis on the 60-70 seats and they want to win them at any cost. The majority figure in Telangana’s 119-seat assembly is 61. TRS is also trying to make it easier for the Congress party to create an emotional appeal by the party’s differences and voters.

TRS workers believe that the KCR government’s welfare schemes and the stable government will motivate people to give them another opportunity. There is concern in the TRS workers from the changing equation, but they are still confident that KCR will take them out of it.

Telangana: Why are the political equations changing in the state?

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