Pakistan: Only one sold out of 49 government vehicles kept for the auction

Pakistan: Only one sold out of 49 government vehicles kept for the auction

The Pakistani government, facing a cash crisis, placed 49 and government vehicles for auction on Wednesday. It also included 19 bullet proof cars. Only a car auction was successful in this. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking such steps to deal with huge debt over the country. The Pakistan government had recently demanded a financial relief package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). About a month ago, the government has already declared 61 government vehicles in the first phase.

Buffalo auctioned Now the turn of helicopters

Earlier, the government had also auctioned eight buffaloes of Prime Minister’s house. With this, the government had earned 23 lakh rupees. These buffaloes were made by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The highest bid for any one buffalo was Rs 3,85,000. Three of the eight buffaloes were purchased by supporters of Sharif. The government’s plan also has auction of four helicopters.

According to the news of Geo News, on Wednesday, a total of 49 vehicles were stored in the auction held in the Prime Minister’s house, out of which only one was sold. With this one car, the exchequer earns Rs. 90 lakhs. According to customs officials, the next auction will be held on I-9 terrestrial port in Islamabad on October 25.

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Pakistan: Only one sold out of 49 government vehicles kept for the auction

The official said that there is limited movement of citizens in the Prime Minister’s house. Therefore, we did not get good response in this auction of the second phase. Earlier in the morning, Radio Pakistan had said in a report that under Wednesday’s campaign to reduce costs, the government placed 49 and government vehicles in the Prime Minister’s house for auction. It included 19 bullet proof cars. Khan had announced in his first address to the country that he would auction the total of 102 luxury cars under his frugal campaign.

Good earnings in first auction

According to the Express Tribune report, the Administrator of the Prime Minister’s House said that the buyer of the auction will not be allowed to import, because he has been included in the price of the bid. The buyer will have to do only withholding.

Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has claimed on Twitter Twitter that in the first auction, three land Cruiser V8 models of 2015 received Rs 2.74 crore, Rs 2.65 crore and Rs 2.61 crore respectively. Union Minister Fawad Chaudhary said that in the first phase of the cars they were sold at auction for more than the market price. The amount from the auctions will be deposited in the National Treasury.

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