Kushwaha currently with BJP! What does the statement of their advantages and disadvantages mean

Kushwaha currently with BJP! What does the statement of their advantages and disadvantages mean

National President of RLSP and Minister of State for Human Resource Development Upendra Kushwaha had come to Patna from Delhi on Monday night. Upendra Kushwaha, who arrived in Delhi on the call of BJP President Amit Shah, met on October 30, 2013, as BJP general secretary and Bhupendra Yadav, in-charge of Bihar. Prior to the conversation, many speculations were taken about the move of Upendra Kushwaha.

But, in a conversation with the media, Upendra Kushwaha, while pausing all speculation, agreed to the BJP President’s formula in which he had said that he would “abandon” all the JDU after the entry of the partner. There were three things that Upendra Kushwaha said in front of the media, which it seemed as if Kushwaha is ready for sacrifice to stay in the NDA at the moment.

Kushwaha ready ‘Kurbani’!
First of all, talk about ‘renunciation’ formula, Kushwaha said, ‘We agree with him (BJP President Amit Shah). We are ready to ‘sacrifice’. But, when many stakeholders are together and losses in them, when all the shareholders and partners do, then why did not it happen in case of profit? Kushwaha questioned why we were deprived of benefits? “Upendra Kushwaha referred to the time when Nitish Kumar’s party JDU was re-entered into NDA again last year, and at that time JDU-BJP formed a coalition government again. Lee.

At that time, both LJP and RLSP had two MLAs in Bihar. But, LJP, who lost the by-election of the Assembly, Ram Vilas Paswan’s younger brother Pashupati Kumar Paras was also made MLC and also got a ministerial post in Nitish Kumar. At that time Kushwaha’s party RLSP did not get place in the Nitish government. Kushwaha has put this argument in front of BJP on its behalf on the formula of ‘renunciation’ after Nitish’s entry from BJP.

However, Upendra Kushwaha did not speak clearly on the issue of minister in the Bihar government at the moment, but, if Kushwaha got ready on the formula of two Lok Sabha seats given on behalf of the BJP, then one of his MLAs from Bihar A minister can be made in the government. While doing so, a lot will depend on their relationship and equation with Nitish Kumar.

How will the equation of Nitish-Kushwaha be?

Another important thing from the side of Upendra Kushwaha was that he had indicated the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as his elder brother and indicated signs of softness on his side. The big political meaning of this statement is being taken out. When four days ago, Nitish Kumar and Amit Shah jointly announced in front of the media to contest Lok Sabha elections in equal number of seats in Delhi, then the idea of ​​Nitish Kumar was clearly visible. In any case, the BJP did not want to take the risk of annoying Nitish Kumar.

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On the other hand, the NDA has seen many times between Nitish Kumar’s party JDU and Upendra Kushwaha’s party RLSP many times. The leader of RLSP and even his executive president Nagmani had even told Nitish Kumar a leader of one and a half percent of his caste, ie Kurmi caste, while Upendra Kushwaha and his party had told the leader of 10 percent people. Despite such a talki, after meeting with BJP’s in-charge Bhupendra Yadav, if Kushwaha has called Nitish Kumar as his elder brother, then he is indicating softness in his stance.

Kushwaha currently with BJP! What does the statement of their advantages and disadvantages mean

Kushwaha will make Modi the Prime Minister again

The third important point of Kushwaha was that he again reiterated the issue of holding Narendra Modi as prime minister for the next five years. Although Kushwaha has already talked about this matter But, the statement that praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of him, among the speculations about seat sharing at this time, also indicated that Kushwaha is ready to stay with NDA at the moment.

How will the seats formula?

According to sources, the agreement has also been signed with LJP besides BJP-JDU on seat sharing. According to the agreement, BJP and JDU will contest 17-17 seats out of a total of 40 seats, while 4 seats will go to LJP’s account, while 2 seats will be given to party RLSP of Upendra Kushwaha. According to sources, apart from four seats, BJP will also give one seat to LJP from the Rajya Sabha for the Rajya Sabha. According to sources, LJP president and Union minister Ramvilas Paswan will not contest the Lok Sabha elections this time. They will be sent to the Rajya Sabha. However, according to LJP sources, except for those 4 seats, another Lok Sabha seat may get LJP in Jharkhand or UP.

Challenge to celebrate party leaders in front of Kushwaha

In this way, Kushwaha has been clearly told about BJP’s offer of 2 seats and has been asked to give up. But, the biggest challenge facing Kushwaha is that how can they convince their party leaders after considering only two seats? At present, Upendra Kushwaha is himself an MP from Karakat of Bihar. Apart from this, his second MP Ram Kumar Sharma is an MP from Sitamarhi. In these two seats, their claim is made.

Kushwaha currently with BJP! What does the statement of their advantages and disadvantages mean

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