Karnataka Deputy Elections 2018: Election Results for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections will be warm-up

The results of the by-elections in five seats in Karnataka will give the Congress-JD (S) alliance an opportunity to assess their partnership. Three Lok Sabha and two assembly seats were voted on Saturday. The result of this is to come on Tuesday. These results will see a path of political equation and selection of candidates in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Ramanagarh assembly and Mandya Lok Sabha seats are trying to save JDS Here, local Congress leaders have fiercely campaigned against their traditional opponents. They are not even hesitant to believe that they were fighting for decades, alliance with them has been imposed. Luckily for the JDS, BJP’s presence on these seats is not special. It should not be difficult to win for Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s wife Anita Kumaraswamy. They can comfortably reach the assembly. On the other hand LR Shivram Gowda can get admission in the Lok Sabha for a term of five months. Two days before the campaign ended, there was a shameful situation for BJP, when its candidate L. Chandrasekhar decided to withdraw from the contest and join the Congress. BJP cheated on it and said JDS ‘money power game. But the damage was done. Chandrasekhar had said that he was left alone. None of the BJP leaders came to campaign. Yeddyurappa said that he ignored Chandrasekhar because he was aware of something to be wrong.

Karnataka Deputy Elections 2018: Election Results for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections will be warm-up

Raghavendra vs Madhu Bangarappa on Shivamoga Lok Sabha seat

There is another challenge before Yeddyurappa. His son BS Raghavendra is contesting from Shivamogga Lok Sabha constituency. This seat was left by Yeddyurappa. Raghavendra has also been elected earlier. But now he is getting a tough fight from JDS’s Madhu Bangarappa.

Shivamoga is traditionally a Congress seat. Congress won 11 of the 15 elections here. It was until when Yeddyurappa had not emerged. Former Chief Minister Bangarappa has been elected to the Legislative Assembly eight times. Three times he has won the Shivamoga Lok Sabha seat. Three times they live for different parties. For Congress, BJP and Samajwadi Party.

To redeem Bangarappa’s popularity, JDS has lowered the honey. In the recent elections, Madhu was defeated by his elder brother Kumar Kumar of Bangarappa by the Sagar Legislative Assembly. Madhu had defeated Kumar in this place in 2013.

J Shantha versus VS Ugagrama in Bellary

The Bellary Lok Sabha seat has also been a cause of pride. When elected to the assembly, BJP’s Sriramulu has been here since his sister J. Shantha stood up. VS Ugagra of Congress is in front of him. Although the Ugarpappas are considered to be outsiders for this region, they are getting support from Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar.

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Bellary has witnessed the war of Sonia Gandhi and Sushma Swaraj in the 90’s. In which Sonia won But now it is not a safe seat for the Congress. JDS has supported the Congress, but its presence is less here.

Congress has set up Siddhu Nyamgowda in Jamkhandi. Joe is the son of Nyamgowda. Nyamgowda died in a road accident after the election in May. Shrikant Kulkarni of BJP was defeated last time by a close difference. They are also expecting sympathy from the voters. Whatever the outcome, it will help the three parties to improve their home. Lok Sabha elections will be held in April-May.

Karnataka Deputy Elections 2018: Election Results for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections will be warm-up

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