Journalist Jamal Khashogi Strong Persons of Dhamdar Dahman

Journalist Jamal Khashogi: Strong Persons of Dhamdar Dahman

Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi Arab journalist missing since his entry into the Istanbul embassy on October 2 was not a common journalist. Rather they were related to many big and famous personalities. Jamal Khashogi’s relatives include names from film actors and namesake businessmen. Jamal’s sister Sameera Khashogi was married to Mirza’s famous businessman, Mohammad Mohammed Alfiyad. Sameera’s son and Jamal’s sister, Dodi Alfiyad, was also a prominent businessman and he was famous for his relationship with Lady Diana. Both of them died in a road accident in Paris.

The family members of Jamal had fled to Saudi Arabia

There are many other names in the close relatives of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who are well known and their names have been heard somewhere. Although Khashogi was born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, his family is not always settled here. He is basically from Turkey. Two generations ago, his family settled in Saudi Arabia. After coming to Saudi, Khashogi was born in 1958. His father was Adnan Khashogi. Khashogi’s grandfather Mohammad Khashogi was the royal peon of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Saud. Mohammed Khashogi’s arrival was also in many Arab countries. Because of this, their children were born in different cities of the world. Like Jamal’s father Adnan Mecca and Adnan’s sister Suhayar in Cairo and another born in Lebanon.

Likely to take Khashogi;s remnants out of Embassy of Saudi Arabia Turkish official

Journalist Jamal Khashogi: Strong Persons of Dhamdar Dahman

Jamal’s sister has done acting in James Bond’s film

According to the reports, even after the conservative country was living in Saudi, the girls of this family were allowed to go abroad. Because of this, not only boys but girls in this family also have degrees from universities of many Western countries. Nabila, who has been a successful American businessman and actress, is also Jamal’s sister. The villager born in Beirut has also starred in James Bond’s film Never Say Never Again. Imam Khashogi, one of Jamal’s other buddies, is also a renowned businessman and in France he is quite famous in the business of Land Development. Adnan’s Bua Suhayr Khashogi is also a famous novelist and lives in America now. He also wrote novels on the situation of women in Saudi. Not only business but also in the field of education and journalism, Khashogi family is quite popular.

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