Jamal Khashogi Someone close to the royal family, later became vocal critic

Jamal Khashogi: Someone close to the royal family, later became vocal critic

Journalist Jamal Khashogi, a complex person of contradictory personality, was once close to the royal family of Saudi Arabia, who later became a vocal critic of the most conservative government and ultimately he was murdered within the consulate of Istanbul. In his last article written for the Washington Post newspaper, Khashoggi probably urged for more freedom of expression in West Asia. He wrote, “The Arab world is facing its own inhibitors, which are being implemented through external forces, not by external elements but through domestic forces dominated by power.” After this article, his voice is now quiet forever. This journalist of Saudi Arabia, missing since entering the embassy of Istanbul on October 2 to get married papers, went to the US in 2017 after differences with the Saudi Arabian powerful Mohammed bin Salman. Their disappearance became a mystery, along with the incident created an international crisis for Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Jamal Khashogi: Someone close to the royal family, later became vocal critic

Khashogi interviewed bin Laden several times

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Riyad accepted Khashogi’s embassy after repeatedly saying that he was alive, after two weeks, he died after a dispute with the people found inside the embassy. Khashogi was from a prominent Saudi Arab family of Turkish origin. His grandfather Mohammad Khashogi was a private doctor of Saudi Arabia’s founder Shah Abdul Aziz al-Saud. Khushogi, the friend of young Osama bin Laden, friend of Muslim Brotherhood, associate of Saudi Arabian royal family, critics of the country’s rule and a moderate – all these contradictory interpretations belonged to him. After graduating from Indiana State University, he started working in Saudi Arabia’s daily newspapers – Saudi Gadgets and Al Shark al-Awasat. As a young journalist, Khashogi took bin Laden’s interview several times, which attracted people’s attention internationally. But in 1990, he made a distance from bin Laden. Born on October 13, 1958 in the Pakistani city of Medina, Saudi Arabia, Khashogi read Islamic ideology during puberty and adopted liberal ideas. But the officials of the country found Khashoggi highly progressive and forced him to resign from the post of chief editor of the daily newspaper Al Watan after working only 54 days in 2003. Khashogi had left Saudi Arabia in September 2017, just a few months after Shahzade Mohammed was appointed the heir to the country’s most powerful throne. In an article published last year in the Washington Post, Khashogi had said that Saudi Arabia is entering a new era of “fear, threats, arrests and public humiliation” under the ruler of the country, Shahzade Mohammed.

Jamal Khashogi: Someone close to the royal family, later became vocal critic

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