Interesting story of musician say my lips my spotnet

It’s about the year 2005. Pradeep Sarkar was making a film. His biggest name in the advertising world was his first step in film direction. Vidhu Vinod Chopra was doing the production of the film. The responsibility of preparing the music of this film based on the novel Paranita of the writer, Sharad Chandra Chatterjee was on a relatively new composer. Whose name is Shantanu Maitra

Shantanu has produced such elaborate songs like ‘Poo Bole’, ‘Aunt Manna Patan’, ‘Kasee ​​Jodgani’, ‘Kasto Maja’ in this movie. These songs got great popularity. The film also did a good business at the box office. The result was that soon Shantanu Maitra got all the calls. Shantanu, who spent a peaceful life, became disturbed.

They will also tell you what was the cause of their problem, but first tell you what they did to avoid this problem. When Shantanu Maitra gave hit music after Parineeta, he went to the mountains after the film’s release. Where the mobile network was not available. They did the same after the success of the movie Three Idiots. Today is the birthday of such a wonderful musician and interesting personality. Actually, Maitra’s background was of background management. They came to music. But music was not their income. He was afraid to work too much. He was always among those who believed that after the passage of time people simply remember your good work and not how much work you did. So he was living a life of peace with his family members at Chittaranjan Park in Delhi. His first staircase in music was an advertisement. Whose jingle is still on people’s zubana. Boley Mei Lips, I Love Uncle Chips Even after this ad hit, Shantanu wanted to keep his music bound in a 30-second jingle. But the fate which was written in destiny was not in his hand. Incidentally, he made an album with singer Shubha Mudgal. That album was – Abke Savan This album paused in the world of music. This was a powerful move in the world of pop music. Even after the arrival of this album, Shantun Maitra was not ready to leave Delhi. The reason for this was his love affair with the friends who took part in Chitranjan Park. Javed Akhtar goes to credit Shantanu Moitra from Delhi. It was happened that Shantanu Maitra met Javed Akhtar in a program. There, someone told Javed Akhtar that the music of the album Abke Savan has been prepared by Shantanu Moitra. Javed Akhtar Shantanu fell behind Maitra that he should move to Mumbai. The truth is that Shantanu had no plans to go to Mumbai till then. Javed Akhtar was almost behind After the program, he also called Shantanu Maitra several times and asked him to come to Mumbai. Even Javed Akhtar went to his friend Sudhir Mishra and also told him that if he wants good music in his forthcoming film ‘Thousands Khwahishan Aisi’ then he should talk to Shantanu Maitra.

Interesting story of musician say my lips my spotnet

Obviously Javed Akhtar’s recommendation was important. Sudhir Mishra spoke to Shantanu It was decided that Shantanu Maitra will stay in Mumbai for a month and prepare thousands of Khwahishan such songs. It is a different matter that they have not ended for a month even a decade later. It is also interesting that thousands of Khwahishans were going to meet Shantun Vidhu Vinod Chopra for the film Parineeta after this, only then Javed Akhtar had told him that he would now let go of the dream of returning to Delhi. Later, Shantanu got Prasun Joshi, Jaideep Sahni and Dibakar Banerjee along with his old friends in Mumbai only when they started coming to Mumbai.

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After Parineeta, films such as Raho Munna Bhai, Eklavya, Three Idiots, Politics, Madras Cafe, PK have identified Shantanu Maitra differently in the film industry. He does four films in a year, but there are different fragrances in the music of those films. It is important to know the story behind it too. Shantanu Maitra’s family had music. His father and mother were associated with classical music and dance. Despite this Shantanu Maitra ran away because of music because he had witnessed the financial crisis of his family in his childhood. He remembered his father’s struggling life. So he kept himself away from music. Even after getting success, he kept thinking of the nuances of music from his father. The father always taught the same, try that whenever there is something new, then it becomes a place of classical or folk music. This is the reason why the music of Shantanu Maitra is heard in the music of folk music. His father believed this thing when he sold a fish every day because he gave a discount because he came to know that Parineeta’s music was given by his son. Shantun still lays the folk music of India in the music of his films. Just like many decades ago, Anil Biswas, Salil Chaudhary or SD Burman used to mix. Still do more work than run away. After the film’s hit, he is still scared of mobile.

Interesting story of musician say my lips my spotnet

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