Happy New Year 2019 Why is the New Year celebrated on January 1 How was the beginning

Do you know that the New Year was celebrated for the first time in 45 BC and the Roman ruler Julius Caesar had some hands? Actually, the Julian calendar began to celebrate the new year on January 1.

In the seventh century, the Roman calendar Lunar used to determine the day-to-day bicycle or the moon. But its calculation was not very precise and gradually it got tampered with, which meant that it did not go too much. At that time, the pontiffs, who held the calender, held high positions, reduced it or their days according to their convenience, so that the elections could be tampered with or could be extended on the days of the King’s power.

After becoming the Roman ruler, Julius Caesar felt that he should make a big difference in the Roman calendar.

He created a new Julian calendar by his name. He took the help of Alexandria Astronomer Sosianis. Sosianis advised Caesar to adopt the method of solar year rather than the Lunar calendar, as the people of Egypt used to do earlier.

Caesar ordered to add an extra day every four years in the month of February. He changed the name of Quintile Month in 44 BC to Julius (July), inspired by his name Julius. Later, the name of Sextilis was named after his successor Augustus (August).

During the Middle Ages, during the Middle Ages, the practice of celebrating New Year on January 1 was gradually dropped out of circulation. Because Julius and Sosianis had a mistake in correctly counting solar years. He had counted 365,242199 days in 36525 days instead of 36525 days in solar year, which added 11 minutes every year, due to which 1000 days up to 1000 days in one year and 10 days till mid 15th century.

When the Roman Church understood this problem, in 1570, Pope Gregory XIII asked his Jesuit Astronomer Christopher Clavius ​​to make a new calendar. Then from 1582 the Gregorian Calendar was started in the name of the Pope, which is considered to be Aaj Tak. He was fired 10 days from the time of the year. Since then people from all over the world have started to celebrate the new year again on January 1.

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