Ground Report from Anand Vihar in Smog Government's Trying More Than Eating Less

Ground Report from Anand Vihar in Smog: Government’s Trying More Than Eating Less

Central and state governments are now awake after the horrific picture of pollution in Delhi-NCR has surfaced. The Center and Delhi Government have created more than 70 teams to deal with the problem of pollution. All the machinery of the Central and State Governments are now appearing in the action. Many state and central agencies working on pollution are now also seen on the ground. On Thursday, several teams of the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) went to different areas of Delhi to take stock of the situation. A team of EPCA first reached Anand Vihar, one of the most polluted places of Delhi-NCR. The team reviewed the situation of pollution here. EPCA chairman Bhure Lal Yadav himself went to Kausambi bus stand in Ghaziabad adjacent to Anand Vihar bus stand and Anand Vihar and strongly condemned the present officials and then directed the necessary guidelines. Early on Thursday, EPCA chairman Bhure Lal Yadav accompanied Anand Vihar and Kausambi bus stand in Ghaziabad to his team. Bhure Lal Yadav was already researching about the situation before the arrival of Anand Vihar. Late night in Anand Vihar, the heavy pressure of traffic and the full road of UP roadways buses brought with them the brown red. Mr. Bhure Lal asked DM of Ghaziabad and other officials present there to tell the measures taken to curb pollution. Unhappy with the response of the officials, Bharu Lal took a class of fiercely of all the officers present there. Bhure Lal, while showing video in his mobile, rebuked many Ghaziabad officials. Bhure Lal said to the officials of Ghaziabad why the buses are standing overnight at this place? Why auto and other trains are not being removed from here? Why are external buses and public transport vehicles parked on the roads? Bhure Lal Yadav instructed the officers present there that in no condition should there be no road on the road.

Whether buses of UP roadways or any private buses can not stop long on this road.

So Congress has not made Rahul Gandhi PM candidate

After taking stock of the Kaushambi bus stand in Ghaziabad, Bhure Lal Yadav turned towards Anand Vihar bus stand. Bhure Lal displayed video of several roadways buses spreading pollution to the officials present in Anand Vihar bus stand. Bhure Lal has asked strictly to control the vehicles coming from Haryana, Rajasthan and UP, which spread pollution, strictly. Let me tell you that many issues came out in the Ground Report of Pollution with EPCA chairman Bhure Lal. Seeing the anger of Bhure Lal, it was understandable that people are being careless for dealing with pollution and the officials are also taking steps only for Khanapurni. The impact of the strictness of officials was not visible anywhere on the road. Talking to an ASI of the Delhi Traffic Police present there, he said, “We have received orders to deal strictly on old trains last night, but we still do not have any written order. Our officials are saying that till the transport department has not given any guides, then do the same work. When the instructions come from the Department of Transportation, you will find them.

Despite this, we are trying our best.

Talking to an official with the EPCA chairman’s team, FirstPost said, “Many of our teams are running daily on the streets of Delhi at this time. We are seeing that people are burning indiscriminate garbage. Toxic smoke is coming out from these wastes. These waste are still being lit in many industrial areas of Delhi. People should not throw them on the waste roads or burn them. ‘

Ground Report from Anand Vihar in Smog: Government’s Trying More Than Eating Less

After the poor quality of air in Delhi-NCR, the Grade Response Action Plan (GRAP) has been implemented from 1st November to 10th November. The EPCA chairman came out on the streets of Delhi on Thursday to take stock of this. However, this plan is currently part time in Delhi. Under this plan, all types of construction works have been completely stopped in Delhi-NCR. Stone Crushing Plant, coal and biomass fuel-making industries have also been completely closed till November 10. However, in spite of this, construction and break-up work in some places are still running from the laggard. EPCA chairman Bhure Lal Yadav visited the Kaushambi bus stand on Thursday, and once again, the construction work started again. On Thursday, when the FirstPost team visited Kausambi bus stand at 2 in the afternoon, two workers were reducing the break. It is worth mentioning that the Ghaziabad Development Authority had applied in the Grade Response Action Plan district two days ago. Under this, orders were made to stop the construction of the private construction in the district completely. But, the notice was issued by GDA on behalf of only the notice. People believe that the officials are not visiting the sites. The result of this is that the construction work on Kaushambi bus stand and many sites in Ghaziabad is still running from the hustle.

Ground Report from Anand Vihar in Smog: Government’s Trying More Than Eating Less

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