Dashera 2018 Sita is surrounded by thousands of Ravana, what should we do

Dashera 2018: Sita is surrounded by thousands of Ravana, what should we do?

Madhavi was moving forward in the path of Sabarimala temple with her 10-year-old daughter, son and husband. With the help of the police, they had crossed the hills of Sabarimala. Now between Lord Ayyappa and Madhavi, the distance was just a few kilometers away. When the floor is close by then the journey starts to be easy. But alas, Madhavi did not look like this. Around midwives, surrounded by young men and young men, they were protesting against long live Ayappa sloganeering.

No..un..no … these people are not godfearing god Ayyappa’s devotees. They are trying to save God from a woman. In front of the Ayyappa devotees, Madhavi did not go one. Kadoor was of Madhavi’s age. No rajaswala can enter the temple. They believe that if 10 years old and 50 years younger women take steps on the steps of Lord Ayyappa’s temple, destruction may come. Well, despite the decision of Madhavi Supreme Court and the cooperation of her husband, Lord Ayyappa could not even appear.

Dashera 2018: Sita is surrounded by thousands of Ravana, what should we do?

Their reliance on Ayyappa is that the reasons for the floods in Kerala also mean to open Sabarimala for women. When there was a flood in Kerala then Co-Conveyor S Gurumurthy of the Swadeshi Jagran Manch had tweeted that if in 10 lakhs, even after seeing the relationship between Sabarimala and rain according to the Chance, it seems that the case against Ayyappa It is not okay to make a decision.

Faith big or law?

Believers who believe in faith and God will say that everything in front of faith fails. Why do not people who believe in God’s will say that the desire to see Ayyappa in women is also the will of God. Probably because it will hurt the pride of his masculinity. You are a man Are special. Perhaps there are Gods of earth!

On the permission of women to go to Ayappa temple, some progressive people say that there are many temples in the country. If women do not go to a temple, then what will happen if the women do not go? Ayyappa temple astrologer Parappanagdi Unnikrishnan said in 2006 that Lord Ayyappa is losing his power. Ayyappa is angry Unnikrishnan claimed that this happened because of entering a young woman’s temple.

How unholy God is!

After this claim of Unnikrishnan, the disclosure came from Kannada actor Prabhakar’s wife, Jaimala. Jayala had told that he accidentally touched the statue of Ayyappa in 1987. Jayala went to the temple with her husband Prabhakar. Due to the shock, he fell at the feet of Ayyappa.

After Jayala’s public declaration, the whole country came to know that there is a temple in Kail where there is a ban on entry of women. In protest against this, in 2006 the state’s Young Lawsource Association filed a petition in the Supreme Court. But this case hanging for 10 years.

Is God happy with the plea of ​​devotees?

When the hearing of the case started, the Supreme Court asked the Board of the Board why women are not allowed to enter the temple. In response to this, the board said that due to the celibacy of Lord Ayyappa only those girls and women can go to this temple whose menstrual period has either ended or has not started.

If I come to the above mentioned point that God has created both men and women. Accordingly, both are children of God. Then why will God’s Brahmacharya break after seeing or touching his children?

God’s will is not that women stay away from them. They do not even want them to do so according to their needs. God’s will is no longer to wait for Ram to fight Sita Ravan. The wish is that Sita herself now slaughters herself Ravana, because now there are thousands of Ravan in the society and Ram chose to be elected. Thanks to all the courage of our society for his courage …

Dashera 2018: Sita is surrounded by thousands of Ravana, what should we do?

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