Are Sri Lankan President Sreesena cheating on PM Modi who is trapped in China’s trick!

For the wools interested in India’s foreign policy, the last two days have been extremely surprising. A news from Sri Lanka, India’s neighboring country, is very shocking. According to the news published in The Hindu, Sri Lankan President Mittal S Sena said in his cabinet meeting that India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing i.e. Raw could kill him. During the Cold War, the US intelligence agency CIA or the Soviet Union’s agency KGB has been accused of having been assassinated for killing foreign leaders, but this is a serious allegation against Raw and it is too serious to get directly through the President. . Clearly, the reaction of this news will also have happened with South Block of Delhi, after which Sreesena talked to India’s PM Modi in the fun-filled manner and gave the news air-air.

Sree Sena has lost India’s confidence!

Although Sreesanth may have tried to rebuild the matter at the earliest, but the fact is that the Sri Lankan President, Sri Lankan President, with the so-called support from India, has now lost faith in the Modi government. This might surprise those people who, after the change of power in Sri Lanka in 2015, had assumed that India had beaten China against its neighboring country. But if you look at the political turmoil of some time in the last Sri Lanka clearly it is clear that all the parts of the Indo-China checkpoint in this small island are constantly changing their move and at the front of them are President Mittal Sreesena himself. In the report of The Hindu, which was published in the same report, another information about that cabinet meeting has also been given. According to the news, there was strong debate between President Sena and his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe in a meeting on one issue. This issue was part of India’s participation in the East Container Terminal of the Port of Colombo. Sreesena strongly opposed India’s involvement while Vikramsinghe was in favor of it. Now the question is how has the Sri Lankan President been against this against Indian interests. Before knowing the answer to this question, you have to understand the story of Sreesena’s political activist and his becoming the president.

PM Modi hoisted the flag from the Red Fort on the 75th birth anniversary of ‘Azad Hind Sarkar’

India’s own cooperation was made by the President!

Prior to becoming President, Sreesena was not a very big name for Sri Lankan politics. Politically, his image was similar to the term ‘Aayaram-Gauram’, also called for the legislators of the Indian state of Haryana. Despite having a family relationship with former President Chandrika Kumaratung, he held the strong leader and then President Mahinda Rajapakse. When Rajapakse’s government stopped selling them, it turned against them. Rajapakse’s populism and dictatorship was at peak after the nearly four decades-old Tamil rebellion, which was eliminated in 2009. His jugalbandi was also very fast with China. Bharat, burnt in the first hand after being trapped in Sri Lanka affairs, was not in the mood to intervene even more than one border. During the formation of the Modi government in 2014, PM Modi welcomed Rajapaksa with full enthusiasm during his oath taking. But in October of this year when Rajapaksa allowed an Chinese submarine to anchor its port, India became alarmed. Rajapakse was very popular in Sri Lanka, but the news of all the agreements and loans received by China created an environment against him.

Are Sri Lankan President Sreesena cheating on PM Modi who is trapped in China’s trick!

Are Sri Lankan President Sreesena cheating on PM Modi who is trapped in China's trick!

India’s NSA Ajit Doval visited Sri Lanka before the elections to be held in Sri Lanka next year, 2015 and it is believed that India played a key role in making President-in-Chief candidate against Rajapaksa for the United Progress. This bet worked and Rajapaksa openly held RAW responsible for its defeat.

Srideena is stuck in China’s bets!

However, this new Nizam of Sri Lanka in 2017 did not allow the Chinese submarine to come to its port this time keeping in view the interests of India. Even so, everything was going well, but after that China made a move with Sreesa, in which she was caught just like Mahinda Rajapaksa was stranded. In addition to giving various types of loans to the government of Rajapaksa, China had invested heavily in its territory ie Hambantota. An international cricket stadium was built along with a large airport to develop this port. Some such offers were also received by Sreesena. China gave 295 million dollars in ‘gifts’ to Sri Lanka That is, no condition to spend this amount was included in it. Not only this, China has decided to build a large Kidney Hospital in Polanaruwa, the city of Sreesena. On the exact same lines as port in Hambantota, the Rajapakse city was built.China’s advantage of this ‘generosity’ is also finding it a lot. Apart from Hambantota, it has also got the participation of making Colombo port city. This project will be completed in 2045.

Why is it so special

Now there is a question as to why Sri Lanka is so special, for which China is putting such a huge amount on the stake. Is it merely playing this bet in Sri Lanka to siege India or something else. Indeed, the geographical position of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean makes him very important. According to an information, about 100,000 ships pass from the 10-15 nautical miles away from Sri Lanka’s Southern Marine Sea in the Indian Ocean. Two-thirds of the world’s oil trade passes near the border of Sri Lanka. About $ 5.3 trillion container containers pass each year near the maritime boundary of Sri Lanka. The whimsical economy of China is entirely based on production. For this, much of its energy needs comes from the Gulf countries and African countries through the Indian Ocean. Not only this, it is also the way to the movement of its products. Clearly, China is looking for land to build its naval base in a country like Sri Lanka on the very essential route for its economy, or say that it is looking for.

So, is India Government silent in front of Mittal Sreesena, who goes to China’s dock? The Modi government has also realized the tactics of Sreesena and he has started running his moves too. In the recent local elections, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party has emerged very strong. And the Rajapaksa who was telling the responsible India to go to his chair, he went to meet PM Modi in New Delhi in the last few days.

Although Srikkim’s high commission wanted to make all the arrangements for his visit, the Indian government appointed him in La Meridian Hotel and himself a bulletproof car from the PM Modi’s Fleet was sent to the Prime Minister to meet him. About 40 minutes of meetings between PM Modi and Rajapakas also took place in the closed doors. It was India’s master stroke in Sri Lanka’s Chaucer, but Sisena once again showed its nature to change its lip. It is news from Sri Lanka that this month they met a secret meeting with Rajapaksa and these two anti-protesters are now ready to come to the same platform. The politics of Sri Lanka has been rocky over this matter and the Government of Ranil Prime Minister Vikramasinghe’s Government is a dawandol. Vikramsinghe will be coming to India soon At present, there is only one such leader in Sri Lankan politics, on which India’s confidence is still intact. It may be that by spreading the news of conspiracy to attack Raw himself, Sreesana wants to calm down the big fight in domestic politics, but it is certain that in the politics of Sri Lanka, India and China are still in the game The stakes are left to see.

Are Sri Lankan President Sreesena cheating on PM Modi who is trapped in China’s trick!

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