Amritsar train tragedy Due to the failure of crowd management, government indifference and insensitivity due to Dusshera accident

Amritsar train tragedy: Due to the failure of crowd management, government indifference and insensitivity due to Dusshera accident

Before the accident, a team of district officials had visited the venue but in the interview, these officers saw the same – check out how the arrangements for VIP guests on the stage are arranged. These officers did not notice the obvious fact that people would also be deposited outside the wall of Dhobi Ghat and would stand on the railway track and watch Ramlila.

As the trend is, the children cry for Ravana to insist on combustion. That is why both parents of both Sikh and migrant laborers had gathered in large numbers on their respective gates related to their children. Immigrant workers stay far away from their family. His family is in a remote part of the country. That is why there was a special enthusiasm among the immigrant workers that the picture of the ongoing celebration could be taken away with mobile phones.

These migrant laborers say that they wanted to send a video of Ravana’s effigy of Amritsar, Davan and Ramlila, in Amritsar, to their families. This intuitive attempt to connect the neh (love) with the settled family was broken by the form of a mountain of sorrows on the head of the migrant laborers. He could not see that the danger is growing at a faster pace towards him. They did not even know that the train trampling within 1 hour would trample them. All the laborers were left alone

On cracking crackers, people went further on the track or else they went further to the people standing on the track

Shortly after the Ravana Dahan at around 7:40 in the evening, the crackers filled with effigy were burnt down and the effigy was burning with smoke and the further shells were rising in the sky. People standing outside the wall moved towards Tikk South to avoid flying firecrackers and rocket waggers. These people either moved a little further on the track or walked closer to the people standing on the track.

Just before this happens, two trains going towards Jalandhar (north side) went through one separate tracks after one. Locals say that the speed of both trains was slow and it is going on because the officials know that in these days of the year Dussehra is celebrated in the area. The accumulated crowd on the railway track saved them easily from these two trains, but one result of the rescue exercise was that the people got accumulated more towards the third track: this third track was found near Dhobi Ghat near the wall was. After this, a third train came from the north side. The train’s direction was towards Amritsar City and the crowd gathered on the track could not see the train.

Amritsar train tragedy: Due to the failure of crowd management, government indifference and insensitivity due to Dusshera accident

Devendra Kumar, who works at the Fuel Station, lives in a slum colony called Krishnanagar, in line with Dhobi Ghat. Devendra said that this third ‘train was running at a very fast pace. The effigy of Ravana was burning at that time, the crackers were bursting and the noise was so much faster that we had put fingers in the ear. For this reason neither we can hear the sound of the train coming and neither can he see it coming towards him. Devendra said that people were gathered to see the effigy of Ravana in the thousands of thousands of people walking through the narrow streets of Krishnanagar. These people were either killed or injured because these people never returned to bicycle in our colony.

The reason for not giving the voice of the driver of the train to the horn of the train could also be a reason why the noise is increasing in the year-by-year festivities, and the crowd is also gathering in more than ever before. Most of the people who were injured in the train’s grip and treated in the hospital say that the glare of the Dussehra fair captivated them. The attraction of the burning of the statue of Ravana and the bursting of firecrackers was also there, along with the organizers also called the famous Punjabi singers. The chief guest was Navjot Kaur Sidhu and before the arrival of her, the program of these Punjabi singers was kept.

‘We can not meet anyone after the accident, all politicians and administrators have forgotten us’

Golden Gore has lost his son in this accident. He considers the train driver responsible for the accident. He also accused Sidhu and organizers. Dalbir, the son of Swarna Gore, had played the role of Ravana in Ramlila this year and now Lokbagh is saying in street number-2 that Dalbir is going to go home and ‘Ravana has also been killed in that accident.’ Dalbir’s mother Swarna Gore It is to say, ‘The most sad thing is that the only support of the family’s livelihood was my son and my son, who played different roles in Ramlila, was not in the accident. It does not even matter that why nobody came to meet us after the accident. All the politicians and administrators have forgotten us. ‘


If you run away from the joint gates of Amritsar, it is obvious that 59 people died during the festival of Dussehra on Friday, the result of a sudden accident was not the result. You will know that for the festivals in the holy city in this area, neglect is going on for decades, there is a mess in arrangement and the death of 59 people is the result of this mischief.

Authorities allowed to organize without raising the gathering crowd

This year also, Ramlila’s staged action was not conducted in the open ground but within the boundaries of a random Dhobi Ghat. This has been happening since the last 14 years. Dhobi Ghat is surrounded by stone slabs and water potholes. Among them there is a meadow filled with grasslands which can hardly accommodate 2000 people. In spite of this, the organizers of Ramlila this year allowed local officials to organize for a crowd of 20 thousand.

Ramlila was organized at least 10 places throughout the city. But organizers had tried a lot to get the attention of people towards Ramlila, organized at the Dhobi Ghat campus. In the surrounding area, colorful, bright posters were told that the place where Ramlila is being staged is being done properly and what games to be shown during the event. These posters are now seen hanging as witnesses for the accident on Friday. Explaining that what happened to the people who came to visit Ramlila was nothing less than a terrible nightmare (nightmares).

On the day of Dussehra hundreds of people watching Ravana combustion in Amritsar crushed the train. 59 people died in this accident
There is a paved wall around the adjoining ghat surrounding the gate. There is a large entrance gate on the one side in the east of the walled city. In front of this entrance is the crowded Golden Avenue Street. An estuary is built on the south side of the wall, but it is barely 3 feet wide, hence the trains could not be reached by this side. On the south side of the ghat is a plain strip full of grass beyond the wall of 5 feet high on the perimeter. A railway track passes through this plane on the stone straps, passes through the railway line. A large residential settlement that is witnessed by the accident, this railway line. In this slum filled with slums, the migrant laborers from Amritsar and some of the poorest districts of Bihar-UP remain.

Local councilor was the subject of this event but after the accident, he got absconding.

This same immigrant worker was attracted to the colorful, bright posters placed in the advertisement of Ramlila. Local Congress leader Navjot Kaur Sidhu had also come to Ramlila. Mithun Madan (local councilor) was the performer of this event, but as soon as the incident came, he escaped from the spot and has not returned home in the ward number 29 till now. While mourning people of the tragedy are mourning the house of this house since Saturday.

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has ordered magisterial inquiry into the incident. In the investigation, it will be done to know how the people who came to see Ramlila in the grip of the train. Local people are accusing one of the tone of the accident that Navjot Kaur Sidhu is guilty. Hemant Raj, a local car businessman in the area, says, “Sidhu Ravana reached for a half-hour delay for combustion. Putla combustion should be in twilight villa ie that at around 6 pm in the evening but Sidhu reached the venue after 7 o’clock. By that time darkness had covered and it was difficult to see if there was any train coming towards us. Hemant Raj was present in the accident on Friday and he helped bring the injured to the hospital.

CBI has filed case against Rakesh Asthana on its own Special Director, Rs 3 crore for bribe
Every year (except for 2017, Ramlila was not organized due to the death of the local leader this year) On the Dhobi Ghat, there is a crowd of thousands of people gathering at the festival of Dussehra. Shopkeepers, who handled their handling, sell sweets of Bihar-UP. They know that the number of customers on the Dussehra expanses is very good. Locals say that this year the organizers had installed at least one (maybe two) large LED TV screen. The TV screen was mounted at a height of several meters and a TV screen was turned towards the railway track.

Ramlila organizers knew that Dhobi Ghat would be more crowded than the capacity of the ghat

This work was done by organizers. He knew that more than the capacity of the Dhobi Ghat would increase. It was assumed that people would sit on the railway track or stand on the LED screen and watch the celebrations running on the LED screen. The railway track is at some elevation and standing there also shows what is happening inside Dhobi Ghat. Ramesh Kumar, who is living with the help of copper-bronze work, is seriously injured in the accident and is now admitted to the government hospital in Amritsar. Ramesh Kumar, who is undergoing treatment, said that on Friday, at 6.00 pm, on the railway track, as if the entire world was coming up. People were watching Punjabi songs running on the LED screen. ‘ There was no alternative except to stand on the railway track to see the LED screen and this was why people were on the track.

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh reached the spot on Saturday afternoon. They had to face the anger and opposition of the crowd. The angry mob prevents the police from sticking on the situation. People were sloganeering against the government. People were saying that they are not sure whether the train will be hanging out. People said that at the time of Dussehra, the pace of train slowed down in the area and that is what they know from the experience of their years. Amarinder said at the order of the magistrate’s investigation that the incident was not acceptable to the administration or whether he will not say anything on this issue. Indian Railways claims that the incident is not a tragedy but the result of untrusted admission, but Amarinder Singh refused to say anything on the railway’s claim. On both these issues and the rest of the questions Amarinder Singh said that the magistrate would get the right answer only from the investigation.

CBI has filed case against Rakesh Asthana on its own Special Director, Rs 3 crore for bribe

On Friday evening, people did not come only in the grip of the train. The patients and locals, admitted in Amritsar Civil Hospital and Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, say that after the accident a panic had happened and their family was also victims of this stampede. The people who were trapped in the train were falling on people standing off the track and were wounded in the stampede in this order. One such victim is Sandeep Kaur of Punjab. Sandeep Kaur says that in the stampede his son-daughter and father died.

Sandeep Kaur’s mother has given up one arm in the accident. The whole family is in shock, the words of consolation are being proved ineffective. Dayanari laborer and Sandeep Kaur’s husband Jatinder said that no warning was issued to the loudspeaker; there was no arrangement of police on Dussehra. (Amarinder Singh, who reached the hospital on Saturday evening, approached the bed of Sandeep Kaur and said that all his needs will be taken care of)

Train driver can not be called guilty

DSP and SP rank officers Jaspreet Singh and Shailendra Singh have got duty in Amritsar Civil Hospital. These officials say that the driver of the train can not be said to be guilty because the driver got a green signal on the checkpost at a distance of hundred meters from the wall of Dhobi Ghat. Jaspreet’s question is, ‘Even if there is no green signal, people do not have the right to go on the railway track, what is the right?’

So far 113 people injured in the accident have been taken to the civil hospital. There were no discharge any of the wounded in the hospital. 39 people have died, in which the bodies of 3 people are not being identified. At the Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, 27 people have been evacuated and 19 people have died. Some of the injured have been taken to other hospitals.

Amritsar train tragedy: Due to the failure of crowd management, government indifference and insensitivity due to Dusshera accident

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