Afghanistan Afghans voted by defying Taliban threats

Afghanistan: Afghans voted by defying Taliban threats

After a long time in Afghanistan, voting was held for parliamentary elections on Saturday. During the voting in the presence of thousands of security forces, there were reports of explosions and firing on several places. Indeed, the Taliban has boycotted the voting and has asked people not to vote. Voting was hampered on hundreds of polling stations due to technological maladies and the threat of Taliban and it started somewhat late. Many people died in Taliban attacks during the voting. At least 3 people were killed in the attack in Afghanistan’s Kabul and more than 30 people were injured. Independent election officer was killed in the Kuduj province and the ballot boxes were looted. Three rockets were also released on the capital of Kuduz province, although no casualties were done. According to AFP, the Taliban took responsibility for the attacks on 166 places on Saturday. Even after the Taliban threats, a good number of people came to vote.

Taliban murdered 10 candidates before voting

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In the parliamentary elections between the Taliban threats, about 2,500 candidates from 33 provinces were fielded in 249 seats across the country. It is important that since the announcement of the announcement, the Taliban started attacking local people and candidates. In the earlier attacks, hundreds of people and 10 candidates were also killed in the attacks. Elections were postponed after the attack on Afghan and American officials on Thursday in Kandahar, Afghanistan, which is also known as the birthplace of Taliban. However, under the supervision of some 70,000 security personnel, elections were held at other places. Running in many places, people were attacked somewhere. According to local time, voting was held from seven in the morning to four o’clock in the morning. During the voting there were several blasts on the polling stations in Afghanistan’s Kabul. During the blast, voters were using their franchise at the centers. After this, voters in a school in the north of Afghanistan’s capital have run away. Witnesses have also reported blasts on other polling booths. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani used his franchise in the beginning of the voting. After this, in the speech on television he congratulated the Afghans for another election and praised the security forces especially the Air Force for carrying the ballot to remote parts of the country. It is worth noting that the Independent Election Commission has registered 88 lakh people for these elections.

Afghanistan: Afghans voted by defying Taliban threats

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